Water Softener Installation

Why choose to install a water softener?

A water softener solves hard water problems, like those we face in the South of the UK which result in limescale and a detriment to your appliances. We install only high quality, durable water softeners in order to give you the best possible outcomes. From your taps, bathroom tiles and shower screens to your heating system and domestic appliances.


Water softeners don’t just reduce the amount of limescale, they eliminate it. Simple to install and simple to run, a water softener will transform your water system and protect your home from the ravages of hard water and that’s not all, it will also provide a better effect on your skin and hair.

Benefits of soft water?

Saves you money

Your appliances will last longer. Washing machines, dishwashers and central heating systems will enjoy a longer life, saving you money on service, maintenance and replacement costs.


Less cleaning for you to do

No more limescale means no more stains and marks on dishes, glasses and pans. Your bathroom will be cleaner and shinier with sparkling tiles, bath surrounds, shower screens, basins, taps and tubs.

Smoother skin and shinier hair

Your skin and hair will thank you for bathing in soft water. Not only softer skin and shinier hair, skin conditions such as eczema can show remarkable improvement from continuous bathing in softer water.

Fewer cleaning products to buy

No more scrubbing away on your taps and surfaces with all the many products designed to combat limescale build up. Wet areas of your house become simpler to keep clean, costing you less in both time and money.

Less detergent needed

You will need less detergent in your washing machine and less salt in your dishwasher. Shampoo, soap and conditioners will last longer – no need for that rinse and repeat!

Plumbing restored

Over a period of time, your softened water will remove scale from the inside of your water pipes, hot water cylinders and shower heads. Your shower will become the ‘power shower’ you once knew

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