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Customer Journey

The Survey Process

The starting point for any project

This is where we visit take a look at the job, assess the complexity discuss what you hope to achieve, and hopefully give you some alternative ideas or cost efficient advice. We will advise on options both from a cosmetic viewpoint and also from a materials and cost perspective.The survey should take about an hour to an hour and a half. It is very thorough and covers both the practical details such as timescales, access health and safety and also all the the technical aspects required alongside an outline project plan.

Man Measuring Window
Flexible Payment Planning

The Quotation

Costs, options & plans

Following the survey we will send you a comprehensive project cost proposal deatiling all the elements required to complete the project. Your quote will be split into those elements that are essential those that are optional or and require you to choose. Finally we will list items that may be needed depending on outcomes. For example when we remove floor tiles the floor may (or may not) require a latex coating to prepare for new flooring. The aim is to give you a full appreciation of all costs and potential costs.

Health & Safety – Installation areas can be dangerous places, with many hazards. Be safe and make space!

Other Occupants Are there any vulnerable occupants, young children, elderly people with special needs?

Things to Consider

For a smooth project there are many things to consider outside of the main technical project itself.

Tell the Neighbours  – Make them aware that you’re modernising and warn them of potential disruption.

Rubbish – Well, the waste from your project needs to go somewhere... Examine the options available.

Make Space – Internal and external space for your installer is essential. Parking provision is well worth consideration.

Access – Ensure installers have access. If you plan to be away during the installation, ensure keys are issued or provisions made.

Services – It is likely that some services will be unavailable during the installation; gas, water, electricity & heating may be affected. We will endeavour to keep this to a minimum and ensure you have the services you need once we leave.

Basics – Establish clear ground rules early; start/finish times, toilet facilities useage etc. are all things to clarify.


Preparation Works

Getting ready for the installation

You will be given a schedule of works as part of your project. This is where all the preparations works are carried out. For small works these may well be started as part of the installation, more complex works will be completed prior to the main installation. This is for minor building works, electrical works, plumbing/gas works, plastering etc. The idea being to have the main installation area fully prepared for unit installation. 

Carpentry Work
Installing Shelves

The Main Installation

The Main Event

This is where the main installation works commence. The fitting of units and fittings according to the plan. It is important that you discuss progress with the installer on a daily basis, they will keep you informed of progress and any issues, and give you the chance to discuss anything about the installation as it progresses. If you feel uncomfortable discussing this with your installer then please ring the office or your surveyor to ensure you have adequate answers to any concerns. 



Finishing Off

The Final Stages to Completion

Once the main installation is complete there may well be finishing works; tiling, decorating etc, in order to fully complete the project. This is the stage where you will be asked to inspect the installation for any minor defects and that your satisfaction can be established.  


Ready to start your journey?

Dynatek surpassed my expectations. The project was well coordinated and the not like other kitchen installations I have had to endure in the past. The team of tradesmen, in particular the main fitter, were skillful, courteous and friendly; a credit to the company. I am very happy with the kitchen and for the effort of all concerned.

- Claire G